Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How does the service work?

It’s easy!

Select the service(s) you‘d like to use. If your child is going to camp, we’ll send you the necessary labels to apply to your bags or boxes within 2 weeks of the session start date.  We will notify you with the optimal pick up date to ensure their belongings are at the camp prior to their arrival. When your child is going home, we will deliver the necessary labels to the camp’s administration, addressed specifically to your son or daughter.

I plan on picking my child up when their session ends can I use your service one way?

Yes. Camp Shippers offers parents flexible options. You can ship to camp, ship from camp, or ship roundtrip.

Will anyone help my child with their bags and labels when going home?

Counselors’ help departing campers get their belongings in order for shipping. Camp Shippers knows in advance which camper’s belongings we will be picking up, and we perform a thorough check of all departing bags to ensure the addresses are correct, the proper labels are applied and that the bag or box is fit for shipping.

How far in advance do I need to request the service to ensure my child’s belongings will arrive at camp in time?

We suggest placing your request at least 10 days prior to your child’s arrival date. Once your order is placed Camp Shippers will send you the materials you will need. Camp Shippers knows the exact transit time from your door to the camp and will schedule the pickup accordingly to ensure your child’s belongings arrive at the camp prior to your child’s arrival.

How far in advance do you pick up when going to Camp?

Our goal is to minimize the amount of time your camper is without their favorite personal item(s) while ensuring an on time delivery. Transit times vary according to geographic regions. If you are in the mid-Atlantic or 5 state region (NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA) it is normally 1 to 2 business days prior to arrival at camp. If you are shipping from Florida it is 3-4 business days. The west coast is 5 to 6 business days. These lead times ensure an accurate delivery but also give parents plenty of time for last minute packing!

I just heard about your service and my child’s camp starts in 2 days, what can you do?

No problem!  We have expediting services.  Just call us at 866 - 315 - 6966 for a quote.

What is your Signature Service?

Camp Shippers designed a large "trunk like” shipping box capable of handling up to 145 lb that can easily be unfolded and stowed under a bunk or in a closet and can be reused. This is ideal for campers who want to ship bedding in addition to their clothing. When you purchase the box kit you will receive all the necessary labels and tape. You can fill the box up to 145 lb. and be assured of the same flat rate.

Why should I choose Camp Shippers?

That’s easy - cost, convenience and our personal touch!

Camp Shippers takes the mystery and hassle out of shipping by offering easy to understand flat rate pricing. We offer Saturday and Sunday pickup and delivery at camps. Camp Shippers creates all the necessary shipping labels and documents and schedules the pickups at just the right time to ensure your child’s belongings are waiting for them at camp. Camp Shippers works directly with the camps to ensure your child’s belongings are transported from home to camp and back to home with the least amount of inconvenience. You do not get that level of service from the national carriers.

What service offers the best value?

It really depends on how much you plan on shipping

Ex.    “I have 2 normal duffels bags that are not oversized or over 80 lb”
Duffel Service    = $90.00 x 2
Total shipping cost one way = $180   Roundtrip = $340

A Camp Shippers Box might be a better solution
Cost of Box $40 + Shipping One Way $120 = $160 however, if you shipped it roundtrip,
Cost of Box $40 + Shipping Roundtrip $230 = $270

Potential savings One way = $20
Potential savings Roundtrip = $70